NPK EZ Repair: the Tyre Repair Kit branded No Problem Kit compact and lightweight that includes 12 volt compressor, 500ml sealing liquid bottle, valve adapter. The shelf life of the sealant is 3 years from the date of manufacture and withstands a temperature ranging from -20° to 40°.

Perfect for punctures on the tire

NPK EZ Repair is configured as a kit able to better face with less serious punctures of tires, allowing the user to reach the first repair center available. It is recommended to repair the tire within 3 days or 160 km from the use of the sealant, depending on the condition that occurs first.

Got a flat tyre?
Don’t worry: be EZ!

1. Prepare the valve

2. Fix the filling tube

3. Pour sealant until full

4. Turn on the car

5. Connect the power supply

6. Connect the valve

7. Set the recommended pressure

8. Turn on the compressor

9. Inflate the tyre