NPK Snow Socks Multigrip

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NPK Snow Socks Multigrip

NPK SNOW SOCKS MULTIGRIP antiskid devices for cars, commonly known as snow socks: ideal for summer and four-season tyre owners.

Like the chains, the snow socks are officially approved by law as a product to achieve maximum grip on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice, typical of the winter season: therefore can be used in all respects as the already well-known chains without the risk of running into a possible sanction.

The NPK SNOW SOCKS MULTIGRIP are efficient, high-performing and extremely useful: easy to assemble for anyone, incredibly quiet and do not damage the asphalt or the car suspension. Available in two versions and in different sizes to guarantee coverage of the majority of the car fleet on the market, they can also be fitted on non-chainable cars and Camper, Vans and Trucks.

Ideal for summer and four-season tires

Ideal for those who use summer tires and want to take them in the car in case of sudden snowfall or in case of an occasional trip to the mountains or for those who use all-season tires and want to be prepared for the most intricate situations, The NPK Snow Socks Multigrip are available in two versions The Original and Light, for maximum functionality in every situation.

Snow Socks

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Tested e certified according to UNI EN 16662-1:2020

Both have obtained approval according to the UNI EN 16662-1:2020 standard, with which they have been tested and homologated. The tests carried out confirmed a total range of 150km of long life on asphalt at a speed of no more than 50km/h and the passing of the comparison with a sample of metal chains on braking/acceleration on ice and starting uphill on snow. This, on a dynamic level, allows more precise guidance and greater control of the vehicle compared to chains.

The high quality and thickness of the textile workmanship is evident at first touch. The Plus of The Original range is the coloured lateral band on both tyre shoulders that allows the device to self-centre during fitting: a feature that makes it a tailor-made product specially designed in numerous sizes and applications. Light, on the other hand, is an evolution of The Original fabric, as its frame remains the same (therefore the characteristic ridge-and-valley geometry does not change) but where different special yarns with variable cross-section are used, allowing the fabric to be lighter and then to cover different tire sizes with the same size: a real advantage to expand its offer.

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