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No Problem Kit

No Problem Kit is the brand distributed by MAK S.p.A. designed to deal with emergencies on the road quickly and effectively. Born in 1991 from the joint venture between two historical companies active in the field of industrial metallurgical production and in the commercial field of automotive, also distinguishing itself in the free market of the production of light alloy wheels, the company represents an established brand in the national and international scene, recognized as one of the industry leaders. Inspired by the “Lean Thinking” philosophy, the company favours the reduction of waste, the improvement of internal processes and the constant search for efficiency and productive quality through synergy and teamwork.
The issue of environmental sustainability is one of the challenges for the company that is investing in the use of alternative energy, in the recovery of production waste and in the optimization of logistics.

The company is “customer oriented” and its objective is constantly customer satisfaction in many aspects:
– Supply of high-quality products
innovative design.
– Personal pre- and post-sales assistance
highly qualified.
– Fast and reliable daily shipments.
– Flexibility in order planning.

In order to meet the requirements of the customers the logistics of warehouse follows the standardization of the activities
“best practice” and the planning of the logistic system “day by day” that guarantee absolute constancy and
punctuality of service.
Among the different shipping solutions are: daily delivery by express courier,
direct containers from the production site to the customer’s warehouse up to the wide customization of the
shipping as needed. The company has a simple and intuitive web support: from the platform
B2B is in fact possible to consult and order the products available in stock, while checking the next arrivals and information on compatibility.

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