Spare wheel kit NO PROBLEM KIT

Inside you can find everything you need all-in-one:
  • bag
  • space-saving spare wheel
  • jack
  • universal key
  • jack bag
  • elastic cord
  • gloves
To assemble the spare wheel correctly, the first thing you need to do is to approach it safely, activating the emergency arrows, in a safe area that will not hinder traffic. Afterwards, it is mandatory to wear the reflective jacket and signal its presence with the appropriate emergency triangle positioned, as established by the Highway Code, 50 meters from where it stopped.

Once done, you can begin to replace the punctured wheel.
First you need to place the jack under the car and, following the instructions provided by the car manufacturer, lift the car a few centimeters, making sure that the punctured wheel does not come off the ground.

With the special key present in the NO PROBLEM KIT you have to loosen the bolts that hold the wheel fixed. Once done, the car raises the car by removing the wheel drilled from the ground. The bolts can thus be completely unscrewed and the wheel removed. At this point, you can replace the wheel with the spare wheel and screw the bolts back on. After this operation, you can lower the car and get back on the road.

What is it for?

Hole in a tire while you are driving is among the worst nightmares of any motorist, especially when you have to face a long journey and have not given you everything you need to replace it and safely continue your journey. Despite the progressive disappearance of the spare wheel from its luggage, motorists continue to prefer it to the repair kit, consisting of a bottle of sealing mastic and a small air compressor, sufficient only if the hole or the cut of the rubber are small size.

The "No problem kit" by MAK is instead the answer to any inconvenience and includes a space-saving spare wheel, a jack, a universal key and a bag, all the tools to avoid panic, to comfortably replace the damaged wheel and travel happy and carefree towards your destination.
The spare wheel is functional both for the lateral damage to the tire, and in the case of large-size punctures, as the damaged tire is replaced with a new and undamaged one, offering the certainty of not being stuck in the road, while, the kit of emergency, may not be effective in the event that the tire damage is too large.

Many cars have no spare wheel at all

Spare wheel is not a standard equipment and has been replaced by anti puncture liquids. Most people do not know that and realize it only when a tire puncture occurs.

It's a non seasonal product

You can sell spare wheels all year long: for example, just before summer/winter holidays (you can offer it during the car check-up).

Easy to sell

Increase your sales with our No Problem Kit it is easy to fit, doesn’t require mounting or any extra accessories, so sales staff doesn’t need any specific technical knowledge and can be sold by anyone.

Wide range

MAK grants a wide warehouse stock, many available items compatible with most of the vehicles currently on the market.

Easy to find

The compatible No Problem Kit is easy to find thanks to an always updated technical catalogue.

Pos material

Dedicated promotional material and tools are available to support the sales.

How the spare wheel kit NO PROBLEM KIT is composed

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