INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >) spare wheel kit

spare wheel kit for INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >)

For your INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >) discover the kit for changing the wheel in the event of a puncture No Problem Kit consisting of wheel, universal key. With No problem kit the spare tire for your INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >).
Spare wheel:
- code: 780000R002
- description:
- dimension: 125/80 17.
Spare wheel:
- code: 78000R601D
- description:
- dimension: 145/80 18.
Spare wheel:
- code: 78K000R002
- description:
- dimension: 125/80 17 (64 X 14 ).
Spare wheel:
- code: 78K00R601D
- description:
- dimension: 145/80 18 (70 x 16 ).
The purchase of the NO PROBLEM KIT spare wheel kit for your INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >) is an excellent solution to improve the safety of your car in case of tire punctures.
Having the NO PROBLEM KIT spare wheel kit on board allows you to avoid the risks of puncturing and therefore to travel safely.

Benefits spare wheel kit for INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >)
The spare wheel is functional both for the lateral damage to the tire, and in the case of large-size punctures, as the damaged tire is replaced with a new and undamaged one, offering the certainty of not being stuck in the road, while, the kit of emergency, may not be effective in the event that the tire damage is too large.

How is composed the spare tire kit for INFINITI Q30 H15 (2016 >)?
The No Problem kit consists of:
  • A practical bag carries everything
  • The tire complete with rim
  • The Jack to lift the car (bottle or pantograph)
  • The keys needed for disassembly / assembly

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